The heart of what we provide is deeply personal for our founders, each touched in a profound way by loved ones struggling with addiction. Previous to Seattle Sober Living, structured sober living communities like these were only available out-of-state, and many families, including those of our founders, had to send their loved ones away to recover in a safe and sober environment.

Recognizing that family and community involvement is essential to complete recovery, fives families worked to meet the need for support of long-term recovery locally, here in Seattle. These five families served as the impetus behind all of the lives that have been changed since, through what quickly became Seattle Sober Living.

Nestled serenely on Puget Sound among all of the amenities Seattle has to offer, Seattle Sober Living’s location encourages peace, tranquility, acceptance, and self-reflection.

Contact our Director today to learn more about the mission of Seattle Sober Living, and if you or someone you know could benefit from a community like ours.

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