My journey in sobriety began with me thinking I could do it myself. I had been drinking and using for well over thirty years and it had stopped working for me. I was reading a lot of self help books and had been “managing” my drinking with working out and marijuana. I hadn’t had a drink in over two years, and although things looked good on the outside, it was getting worse inside my head. I ended up in a 12 Step Meeting with a friend who knew she needed help. She asked me to go with her for support. There I heard my story being told. The story of how I REALLY felt. The story of my alcoholism. I must have been really desperate, because I listened and became willing to try something different. It was there that the real recovery from my disease began.

Much like my drinking and using habits, I threw myself into recovery. I went to a LOT of meetings. I got suckered into making coffee so I would “keep coming back”, and I have been doing service ever since. I do it it like my life depends on it, because quite honestly, it does. I cannot separate my experience in service from my recovery. I continue to show up and I am afforded great life lessons in humility and honesty that I need to stay sober. Recovery has taught me that I can be a woman of integrity if I choose to be.

In my first few weeks as the House Manager for Seattle Sober Living, I have met amazing women who I strive to support in their journey. It has been really cool to  work with people in other recovery organizations and to see opportunities to connect women and their families with the resources they need to continue to grow. We really want to support family members and provide communication they need. When someone facing addiction moves into our community, we hope to give family members the opportunity to step back and take care of themselves as well.

I am truly grateful to be living in West Seattle, where I got sober, surrounded by an amazing recovery community in a gorgeous location! In early sobriety, I could not have imagined that this is where I would end up. My limited view of myself and my place in the world would not allow for something like this to seem possible. By doing the next right thing I’ve been given the opportunity to live in this amazing place and be a part of something that I truly believe in. I wish the same opportunities for a new way of life for every woman who comes to Seattle Sober Living as part of their road to recovery.

Seattle Sober Living House Manager at West Seattle Women's - JenniferSeattle Sober Living House Manager at West Seattle Women's - Jennifer