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More Than A Halfway House – A Sober Living Home

Prior to Seattle Sober Living, structured sober living communities like these were only available out-of-state, and many families, including those of our founders, had to send their loved ones away to recover in a safe and sober environment. It is our mission to provide this kind of housing to the Seattle recovery community.

We have been thriving in the recovery community for 6 years now. Our team of employees are dedicated men with several years sober who’s lives have been changed at Seattle Sober Living. These are our full time jobs and we are long term employees. Our passion shows. As staff we communicate many times daily and meet weekly to address the needs of our community. 

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Head House Manager

Seattle Sober Living



Seattle Sober Living

Positive Pete

House Manager

Capitol Hill House

Structured Transitional Housing

Seattle Sober Living homes, located in Capitol Hill and Green Lake, emphasis structure, recovery meetings, and community. Every day we are supporting each other to live our best lives.


Accountability is reinforced daily. Sober house tenants let staff know their plans for each day and if those plans change. No tenant is forgotten. No tenant is doing this on their own.

Communication Fosters Sustained Recovery

Regular communication is maintained between staff and authorized family members, authorized out-patient services or counselors, and authorized referents, in order to provide each tenant with wrap around care. This open and continuous communication fosters and sustains successful recovery.

If you, or someone you know, are in need of this type of supportive community, please get in touch with our director David Gould today. Everyone’s story is different, and we want to listen to yours.