Hi everyone. I’m posting a memo we’ve passed to all tenants, posted at all houses, and emailed to all families. If anyone has questions around what we are doing around hygiene or social distancing please contact me at any time.

COVID-19 Memo

Dear guest of Seattle Sober Living,

We want to address COVID-19 by letting you know what we are doing and what we hope you are doing as well.

1) SSL staff is practicing hand washing using warm water & soap or disinfectant before leaving the house and first thing after returning. The same goes for entering your units or returning to ours.

2) We are practicing frequent hand washing throughout the day and are being conscientious around touching our faces.

3) We are not shaking hands with or hugging at all as we normally would.

4) We are sanitizing all doorknobs and handles at entryways at least twice daily.

5) In our personal spaces, we are frequently using disinfectant spray or wipes on common area surfaces.

6) We are limiting travel outside of our homes and practicing social distancing.

7) If we feel ill we will check to see if we have a temperature and if we do we will make sure we are seen by a professional, and then follow that professional’s advice exactly.

8) We are not having guests over nor are we spending the night outside of our homes.

9) We will be paying attention to and adhering to all CDC recommendations.

Our hope and expectation is that you are doing the same. We have provided plenty of soap, hand sanitizers, wipes, and sprays. We are asking that anyone leaving the house, especially anyone going to work, sanitize their hands and phone and keys immediately when arriving at home. We ask that all residents comply with cdc recommendations. We appreciate your cooperation.

David Gould

Director Seattle Sober Living

(206) 714-5150