Seattle Sober Living began in 2015 to help foster a supportive community for people searching for a new start. Over the years we’ve seen a great number of people recreate their lives. They’ve moved in during a time of stress, confusion, and hardship. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, we’ve seen situations and outlooks drastically change for the better. In sobriety, residents have found ways to live with joy and to make those around them proud. One of our residents that we’re proud to see doing great things in sobriety is Bobby Farris.

Since moving into our sober living community in West Seattle, Bobby has found a passion for his group cycling sessions at FlyWheel Sports. Much like the SSL community, Bobby’s FlyWheel community knows his story and supports him.

“It’s been a fantastic community and support gro up, not to mention a fabulousworkout. The most important part is the community there. I’ve met a lot of friends through FlyWheel and I’ve been able to be very open and honest about my recovery. Fitness in general has become a mainstay in my recovery program. It’s something that was missing before. It’s a new addition to my recovery program that I haven’t used in previous attempts at sobriety. It relieves stress and it improves my sleep. Both of those things are good for being in recovery.”

On October 28, 2017, the FlyWheel staff offered Bobby a chance to organize a charity ride as a thank you for being so committed. Bobby promoted the event – a cycling fundraiser to benefit a local drug rehabilitation program. FlyWheel Sports instructor Alex Sweeney taught the class for free, which maxed out with 51 participants. Not only were they able to raise roughly $3,000 for the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center, but the class also raised awareness for alcoholism, addiction, and recovery.

The Seattle Sober Living community is proud to see residents living the life they once imagined. We’re proud of Bobby and what he’s accomplished at FlyWheel, and we’re grateful to call him a member of our community.

“If it weren’t for the structure and the environment of Seattle Sober Living, I know I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I achieved at flywheel. This is a safe places and has provided me the opportunity to get the sobriety I have. It gave me the structure to live a disciplined life and do what I love, including FlyWheel. Thank you Seattle Sober Living.”