People make the place. At Seattle Sober Living, Director and On-site Manager David Gould applies his personal experience, research, and love of people to his job every day. In turn, he demonstrates how accountability and community support, among other factors, help addicts and alcoholics achieve not only temporary relief but, more importantly, life-long healing.

What is your role at Seattle Sober Living?

As Director of Seattle Sober Living, I develop the framework of structure and accountability for the community. I am responsible for conducting new tenant interviews and communicating with family and outside treatment teams when applicable. As the On-site Manager, I ensure that the expectations of structure and accountability are adhered to. For example, I conduct random drug and alcohol testing, make sure tenants attend 12-step meetings, and enforce curfews, chores, and wake-up times. I’m always available for advice and fellowship.

Why should a recovering addict choose Seattle Sober Living?

Many of our tenants come directly out of inpatient treatment facilities. Statistically, relapse occurs at a high rate immediately post-treatment when the addict or alcoholic returns to their using environment. Sober living provides a reintegration period during which the tenant will be able to get back to work or school and heal family relationships while remaining in a safe environment that puts sobriety first.

What should families of addicts know about Seattle Sober Living?

Seattle Sober Living is a structured sober living facility that emphasizes accountability. SSL requires that a tenant work a program of recovery, and is most effective combined with family support and/or an outside treatment team. Sober Living provides housing for as long as is necessary and productive for each individual. Our measure of success is not how many tenants come in, but rather how many leave and begin their independent lives having re-established trust with family and loved ones.

What are you most excited for at Seattle Sober Living?

As a sober man, housing like this played a large and integral part in my own recovery. I’m passionate about what I do and believe strongly in the results. SSL is the first sober living of this kind in Washington State, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

What is the first step someone should take who wants to know more about Seattle Sober Living?

Call me! Everyone’s situation is unique and deserves to be discussed in detail. We can start off with a phone call, then set up an in-person meeting if appropriate.

David’s commitment to accountability and building authentic relationships is integral to Seattle Sober Living’s success. As he said, SSL’s success is measured not by the number of addicts who walk through the front doors, but by the men who walk out with re-established trust in their community and redefined purpose that will carry them into a new, independent life.