At Seattle Sober Living, we believe only when we provide a safe, sober environment of community and fellowship can individuals pursue their personal program of recovery, which allows them to heal their life, repair relationships, and fulfill their potential.

The heart of what we provide is deeply rooted in our founders. Everyone knows someone who is living with addiction, and the five families who served as the impetus behind creating the Seattle Sober Living community are no different – all with loved ones struggling to stay ahead of the disease.

When each of them questioned why they had to send their loved ones away from home to live in a safe, sober environment, Seattle Sober Living was born from a need to support those struggling with addiction in our own backyard. Not a treatment center, but a community of love, acceptance, and honesty, where individuals can pursue their own program of recovery to gain back self-respect and fulfill their potential.

Located on the Puget Sound, serenely nestled in West Seattle’s Alki Beach, the setting of Seattle Sober Living encourages peace, tranquility, acceptance, and communion.

Our founders all share one commonality: they are their addicts’ biggest fans. Addiction is a disease like many others, but unlike many other diseases, there is no cure. We are adamant in our vision that promoting a safe environment, where individuals feel empowered to rediscover their talents and comfortable to take ownership and rebuild their lives, are necessary steps in the road to a healthy, happy life.