Seattle and a sober lifestyle

Seattle is a great place to build a strong routine. In early recovery it can be an adjustment to keep this in perspective. We often start recovery having a low or altogether absent sense of discipline. At SSL, one of the aspects of recovery we focus on is creating a healthy, attainable schedule that includes accountability.

Meetings, fellowship and extracurricular activities are all components of this. As an area, Seattle has a huge amount to offer in this respect. There are recovery meetings around every corner, a huge recovery community, and the mountains are a quick trip away.

Fresh air, fresh perspective

SSL has three houses in Greenlake, Capitol Hill and the University District with a total capacity of 50 people. One of our missions is to bring everyone together. We aspire to help our clients find like minded people to call friends, check in with and maybe climb a mountain or two.

Trips outside Seattle are a regular activity at SSL. Our staff have a love of the mountains and are always eager to include clients in the experience. 

Recovery one step at a time

Recovery can be a challenge, but also a life changing experience. The process pushes us to improve ourselves and to step aside and gain perspective on what is really important. SSL is a community where people can do this side by side.

We go to meetings, face challenges and celebrate successes together.